Makes Criptrocurrency Simple and Secure


Start: 2018-11-01 | End: 2018-12-23

Primex wallet will be an advanced yet user-friendly platform, providing users anywhere in the world with unified electronic wallets for all of their cryptocurrency and fiat savings. The Primex wallet will provide a real-time conversion service between fiat and cryptocurrencies, meaning users will not have to convert their cryptocurrency holdings to fiat in order to spend them. It will be using the Ethereum blockchain and will be issuing an ERC-20 token (PMX). A user’s cryptocurrency will instead be automatically converted to fiat in real time at the moment of payment. The wallet will initially support BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BCH, EOS and ERC-20 tokens, with more currencies added in subsequent releases. Primex will provide the most advanced virtual card service along with a tangible plastic payment card. Primex expect the wallet to be in high demand because it will also offer single-use or limited time virtual cards for extremely safe online commerce, setting us apart from competing electronic wallet providers. The legal entity behind the Primex Wallet will be incorporated in Gibraltar, one of the few countries with a clearly stated regulatory position on ICOs and cryptocurrencies. The multi-currency Primex Wallet plastic payment card will be issued and shipped free of charge to every investor who has invested more than 3 ETH and complied with our KYC requirements.


Vladas Skakauskas

Adviser, Professor of Vilnius University

Andrius Skakauskas

Chief Executive Officer

PauIius Skakauskas

Chief Technology Officer

Dmitrijus Stepankovas

Community Manager

Aleksandras Sankovskis

Tech Leader / Cyber security developer

Karolis Dubinka

Full Stack developer


Hakaru Daiji

The concept is very basic and very common in the market. Like there is no need for more of these ideas in the market, the market is already saturated. The team is an average team and not looks much competent, so there is no need for this business. They should revise their ideas and strategies. The website is not working so there basically problems with everything. The numbers are also not very impressive and the pricing done is not very effective.

Rated on 2018-10-25

ICO Milestones


Plastic card release and distribution. Further development

Q4 2019

Official PrimeX Wallet launch. Implementation of marketplace and reward system

Q2-Q3 2018

PrimeX Wallet alpha version. Marketplace test. Security protocol adoption. Crowdtest

Q1 2019

Incorporation in Gibraltar. MVP Prototype release. PMX listing on additional exchanges. New partnerships

Q4 2018

MVP Prototype building. Team expansion. Token distribution. First exchanges added

Q2 2018

Preparation for ICO. Website launch. Project advertising, community building

Q1 2018

Advisors enlisted. Whitepaper completed

Q3 2017

PrimeX project initiated. PrimeX team assembled. Market research. Feasibility analysis. Business planning. Legal diligence


Ten years of successful business development