Blockchain-Based Scientific Ecosystem


Start: 2019-01-01 | End: 2019-02-15

Scienceroot is a blockchain-based scientific ecosystem which aims to improve the scientific and research community using blockchain technology. The goal is to create an ecosystem where anyone in the scientific community around the globe will have the ability to gather funding, interact, discuss research ideas, collaborate and in the end, publish their work through a more efficient, open and transparent platform. This scientific ecosystem will be powered by its own unique currency called Science Token (ST), which will be used to exchange funds, store articles on the blockchain, crowd-fund scientific ideas, and exchange services through its scientific marketplace and reward parties involved. It will be using the Waves blockchain technology. Scienceroot will integrate all the critical functionalities needed by researchers, scientists and academics, making their day to day lives easier and allowing them to focus on maximizing their impact in the scientific world. The most important feature will be the underlying cryptocurrency on which the whole platform will rely. It will offer the possibility for users to reward peers themselves for their contributions, delegate work in projects and get a quick payout for their knowledge.


Marius Chirita

PhD Scientific Advisor

Darren Narayan

Scientific and Product Advisor

Domingo Liotta

MD Scientific Advisor

Zhen Wang

PhD Scientific Advisor

Julien Hering

PhD Scientific Advisor

Sönke Bartling

Scientific Advisor

Ed Lehner

PhD Scientific Advisor

Orlando Onofrei

Marketing & ICO Advisor

Alexandru Chirita

MSc Co-Founder & Science Lead

Vlad Günther

Co-Founder & CEO

Sven Seemann

Frontend and Blockchain Developer

Frederik Huschebeck

Blockchain developer

Andrei Kocsef-Roman

Graphic & UI/UX Design

Cristian Luchin

Project Manager

Marius Chirita

MSc External Communications

Luca Tisu

Org. Development & PR

Garazi Monzó Contreras

Community Manager


Amelia Benjamin

It is a very ideal kind of idea for the blockchain business in this industry. It will be for sure very effective and very fruitful for the whole industry, there is a huge market for this kind of concept and idea. It looks like a very good platform and very real problem-solving concepts. The targeted customers or users for this platform are huge in number and are really in need of such a platform, so the chances of success are high. The core team is very young, exciting and very competent, also they have plenty of specialized experiences. The advisory board, on the other hand, is a much more experienced team. There is a need for improvements in their financials and pricing also their token distribution and allocations structures.

Rated on 2018-11-16

ICO Milestones

Q2 2020

Scienceroot Decentralized Journal

January 2020

Round 4 Token Generation Event

Q4 2019

Alpha Blockchain Grants

July 2019

Round 3 Token Generation Event

Q2 2019

Decentralized Publishing Framework

February 2019

Alpha Funding Portal

January 2019

Round 2 Token Generation Event

December 2018

Alpha Scientific Crowdfunding

August 2018

Alpha Scientific Repositories

July 2018

Round 1 Token Generation Event

June 2018

MVP Early Access

April 2018

Alpha Prototype Social Network

February 2018

MVP with Ethereum Blockchain

October 2017

Product Development

August 2017


April 2017

Concept of Scienceroot