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Start: 2018-08-31 | End: 2018-10-01

Sentigraph is a system that provides predictive insights aimed at improving future events based on emotion data. Emotions data is obtained by analyzing users' reactions to a given event leveraging artificial intelligence (from IBM Watson), blockchain. The Sentigraph platform uses Ethereum blockchain and issues ERC-20 Token (EMOT). Sentigraph is the first decentralized platform that unites social networks by using AI, IPFS and the blockchain for offering the useful predictive insights. Sentigraph will scan the tweets which are related to a hashtag about any live event like any political news, stock prices or anything related to fashion industry. These tweets are sent to IBM Watson, which returns as corresponding data. Sentigraph analyzes the data and compute the graph index. This graph index denotes the level of sentiments about an event. The Sentigraph uses a smart contract system. Having such a facility could help a lot of users with the predictive analysis of any major event happening anywhere in the world.


Roger Crook

Business Angel & International CEO

George Han

Managing Partner at SNAP Ventures

Ali Kassab

Angel Investor & Serial Entrepreneur

Dean Karakitsos

Futurist, Founder - Bloqchain Science

Riasad Hadi Hossain

Blockchain Consultant & Social Media Expert

Vladimir Nikitin

ICO Advisor

Nikolay Shkilev

ICO Advisor

Phillip Nunn

ICO Advisor

Tochi Eke-Okoro

Futurist & Sentigraph Enthusiast

Dimitry Kotlyarevsky

Software Developer & Technical Lead

Ammad Paracha

Operations Manager

Sajjad Khan

Business Analyst

Christopher Eduardo

Marketing & Brand Manager

Leon Rademacher

Web Developer & Designer

Uzoma Osuagwu

Ecosystem Strategist


Hakaru Daiji

A very innovative and interesting project, but seems much complex as it involves AI and other modern day technologies. It will be very difficult for a layman to understand its concept but the concept is really amazing. The website is not very user-friendly and can be improved and should use easy user-interface. The good thing about it is that its features can be used in so many different industries, which means more users. The structure of this project looks very effective and very appealing. It should be successful in attracting more users. It will definitely bring a revolution in the AI industry and in the normal world. Sentigraph should work more on making the website more interesting and easy to understand. The team and the advisory board look good and strong, must be capable of doing wonders in future.

Rated on 2018-09-18

ICO Milestones

2019 Q4

Explore crime prediction via sentiment data analysis, national security, genetic sentiment analysis - cancer research, IoT-Sentiment based devices and wearables.

2019 Q3

Establishing and Launching Sentigraph University - For further research on sentiments, predictive analyses/insights, and ML and how to positively impact the social environment and global economy.

2019 Q2

v3, Corporate Social Responsibilites (Blockchain, Math, Data Science exposure to high school kids in developing nations in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe).

2019 Q1

Corporate outreach & integration, increase team (hire data scientist/ML Engineers, mathematicians), Enhance algorithm (Smart Contract) for GI computation, Sentigraph Kaggle hackatons, seminars, meetups.

2018 Q4

Investor outreach, media coverage, Live seminars (Facebook live, Youtube promotional videos), Crypto/d10e conferences in several countries/cities (Zug, Davos, Cayman, NY, FL, London, Berlin etc).

2018 Q3

Push v2 to iOS/Google Store, Strategic partnership with Twitter, IBM, Music/News Platforms.

2018 Q2

ICO main event, token issuance, deploy v2 to mainnet, Sentigraph app design/dev targeting iOS/Google.

2018 Q1

Token Smart Contract, Token audit, Team growth, advisor outreach, v2 development, Whitepaper v2, One pager v1, Marketing/PR, Hashtag betting Smart Contract (Testnet), Private sale, ICO smart contract and dashboard.

2017 Q4

We did: Market research, Usencase analysis and gathering, Partnership with Vanbex, Idea tweaking, v1 planning/development, team building, Algorithm, whitepaper v1, landing page.