Wearing the Future


Start: 2018-09-01 | End: 2018-09-30

Sidera is blockchain technology which is based on Ethereum and scalable ecosystem which revolves around a new revolutionary way of storing crypto: Decentralized Wearable Devices (DWD). Everyone’s funds are secured around their wrist, fully encrypted, allowing offline wrist-to-wrist transactions and a plethora of other innovative characteristics, such as-Entropy seed generation with the arm movement; - NFC POS payments with on-the-fly crypto-to-FIAT conversion; - Ghost mode, and much more. It issues ERC-20 Token (eQOUS). The security of the device and its integrated hardware wallet is assured by a body sensor placed under the smartwatch. This sensor will analyze from your body a few signals (movement, perspiration, etc.) elaborating a specific ID in which it will encrypt the private seed of the hardware wallet. If somebody stoles your device he would not be able to access any funds because the sensor will reject his body. Sidera’s exclusive technology allows you to send or receive EQS, Bitcoin or any other ERC-20 token through wrist-to-wrist offline transactions. Sidera builds its SmartBit devices with an NFC module allowing its users to spend their funds globally in any shop. Sidera is also developing its first physical and wearable decentralized exchange. Users do not have to rely on a central authority and now they can trade cryptocurrencies with peers simply through their wrist.


Raoul Chiesa

Cyber Security Advisor

Stefano Della Valle

Artificial Intelligence Internal consultant

Sanem Avcil

Communication & Media Strategist

Simon Cocking

Digital Marketing Advisor

Leon Gerard Vandenberg

Lead Advisor: ESIM - Identity and Wallet Technologies

Danny J. Christ

ICO/ Partnership Advisor

Stefan Bergström

Business Strategy Advisor

Dave Metcalfe

TravNow Blockchain Division Vice President

Mauro Andriotto

Financial Advisor

Savio Gomez

Trusted Strategy Advisor

Miikka Saloseutu

Strategic Marketing Advisor

Camillo Piscitelli

Founder & Project envisioner

Vincenzo Niglio


Leon Gerard Vandenberg

Lead Advisor: ESIM - Identity and Wallet Technologies

Stefano Della Valle

Artificial Intelligence Internal Consultant

Youssef El Habchi

Full-stack Developer & Infrastructure

Shakil Ahmed

Full-stack Web & Blockchain Developer

Matteo Totaro

Frontend Developer & SEO

Laura Ruggiero

CIO - Chief Information Officer

Gregorio Piscitelli

Graphic Designer

Simone Trifiletti

ICO & Community Expert

Lorenzo Giacomini

Marketing & Communication specialist

Chiara Gentili

Media Planner

Aurora Cancelliere

Production Artist

Raymond Chen

Project Manager for China

Euna Lee

Marketing Associate

Mattia Nocco

Social Media Manager

Guglielmo Capone

Business Manager

Luigi Bellini

Social Media Manager

Jillian Godsil

Business Development Officer & Lead Advisor

Vilma Misiukoniene

Digital Economy Officer

Randall Mitchell

USA Community Manager

Alessio Di Mario

Psychological Advisor


Hakaru Daiji

This is a revolution in the crypto industry which will make the offline transaction possible through the hardware. The security concern is also well-handled by Sidera. The idea is really good, the hardware device is really good easy to handle and carry. The new growing idea of IOT is used in it, which is an amazing thing about it. This platform is really strong, they have a very comprehensive website having almost every minute detail related to this service and that also in every language. The features this device is providing are very exciting. The roadmap of the company is very impressive and looks like this platform is gaining success very quickly. The target for crowd-funding is very realistic and very much achievable. The token allocation and distribution model is okay. They have a young and exciting team, the good thing is that they have specialized team members for every function which is a very strong point.

Rated on 2018-10-08

ICO Milestones


Healthcare development & implementation.


Military, Financial & Security implementation.

Q3 2019

BitBand & BitWatch Wholesale distribution.

Q1 2019

Continuum Exchange & App Beta release.

January 2019

gLTD Request.

December 2018

BitSmart App Beta release.

1st of September

Token distribution.

1st of August

Public distribution launch.

15th of July

Pre-distribution launch.

Q2 2018

Whitepaper & Website.

Q1 2018

First Prototype Development.

September 2017

Founding Team Constitution.

April 2017

First Concept Research.

September 2016

First Idea & Concept.