Blockchain Powered Solar Energy Ecosystem


Start: 2019-01-01 | End: 2019-03-20

Solrex is an energy-problem solving platform that is going to use blockchain technology based on Ethereum and also issues an ERC-20 token (SRX) for its users. The aim of this platform is to eradicate the problem of energy crises in Africa and by using the solar energy they are going to get a solution to this issue. Because of not having pure and clean energy, people go for different pollution creating methods of producing energy, which result in so many different dangerous diseases worldwide. The Global energy demand has developed a very huge market which has seen countries requiring more energy to power their infrastructural developments and create a stable economic growth over the past two decades. Solar power technology which has gained global acceptability has ultimately become the main driver in the energy market, with developed countries deploying its potential in boosting its renewable target. This platform is going to create a decentralized ecosystem, which will be generating electricity from solar energy and will be providing it to its user at a very affordable rate. It is truly a decentralized, disruptive and democratizes energy solution for all. Solarex will leverage the renewable energy and cryptocurrency together to create the Solarex ecosystem. The Solarex token is designed to increase in value as the activities in the ecosystem grow.


Hasnat K


Tim Reynolds

Director, Micrologic Design, UK.

Adrian Edema

Editor in Chief of NGR News

Bill Healey

Journalist and Software Specialist

Valeriya Minaeva

Public Relation Manager

Oti Edema

Founder, CEO

Sameep S

Experienced web developer and Blockchain expert

Ranit Saha

Masters in Technology

Himani A

HIMANI A PMP certified project manager

Sadjere Clement

A certified SPPA-T3000 control system expert

Dattatray N

Lead Engineer

Jin C

Software/hardware engineer

Krunal B

Senior Automation and Instrumentation design engineer

Damilola Shagaya

Brand Ambassador

Azmat Ali

Accounting & Finance Manager


Albert Thomas

The idea is really good, the purpose is very noble and will be very helpful in the global society. This platform can go to places if marketed and managed effectively. The website is very poorly interfaced. They should work on setting up a proper well-managed website and provide enough relevant information on it. It has a very diverse team, there are members from so many different regions of the world in it which is a very good thing, can improve the performance of the team up to much extent. Overall it is a very good project, much needed in the current situation of the world, especially in Africa.

Rated on 2018-10-08

ICO Milestones

2020 - 2025 Q1 - Q4

Rapid Deployment/Expansion Across Africa, as Decided in the Operational Growth Management Plan.

Q4 2019

More Solar Farms Launched With full Operational Ecosystems in Nigeria.

Q3 2019

2nd Solar Farms Launched With full Operational Ecosystem.

Q2 2019

Solar Farm Launched. Full Solarex Ecosystem on Pilot Testing in Nigeria. Scaling of Solarex Operations. Operation Licenses in Place. Expand Product Marketing Team.

Q1 2019

Solar Farm Testing. Smart Meter Testing. Blockchain Integration With Solar Farm Testing. Mobile App Testing.

Q4 2018

First Batch of Solar Farm Equipment Arrives Nigeria. The launch of Solarex Lease PV. The launch of Solarex Outright Sale PV. Solar farm Installation.

Q3 2018

Solarex Farmland Acquisition Initiated. Design And Manufacture of Products Commenced. Solarex Application Development. Solarex Blockchain Development. Listing Of SRX Token In Exchange. Wallet Development.

Q2-Q3 2018

Solarex Pre -ICO. (Temporarily Suspended, New date to be announced) Solarex ICO Public Events. (Temporarily Suspended) Team Inauguration Meeting.

Q1 2018

Solarex ICO Platform Launched. Marketing Campaign.

Q4 2017

Website Development. Technical Feasibility Assesment. Marketing and HR.

Q3 2017

Business Model Initiated. Team Building Initiated.

Q2 2017

Research and Evaluation. Data Analysis.

Q1 2017

Concept Formulated. Market Feasibility Assessment .