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Start: 2018-09-01 | End: 2018-11-15

A Spade Coin is a cryptocurrency that holds a larger store of value unit than conventional cryptocurrency by combining transparency with experienced asset management. Spade Coin company provides the necessary guidance and product offerings to allow investors to take full advantage of the digital currency and blockchain revolution. With the creation of its first investment vehicle, “SPADECOIN,” users can confidently and conveniently invest in cryptocurrency assets aimed at delivering superior risk-adjusted returns. Investors can gain entry into its well-managed fund (SPADECOIN) by taking part in its upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Spade Coin uses the Bitcoin blockchain platform and issues Tokens (SPDC). Spade is a representative platform which will enable unconstrained and hassle-free investment in various financial products of all major markets across the globe. It offers a platform supported by one cryptocurrency enabling conversions from all major currencies to settle accounts at very nominal fees and inconvenient time - one can think of. The features of it consist of exchanging money between all popular currencies with a couple of clicks. Instant send from one currency to another, also it has an online wallet where you can keep your money, exchange your money and pay for different services. It also has an improved system of borrower's verification, providing verification services for other services.


Martin Smit

Legal Advisor

Kevin Gerorge


Akshay R.

Development Team Lead

Pratik Husey

SEO Team Lead

Aniruddha G.

Blockchain Developer


Francesa Martin

So the website is not working, there is some kind of problem with it. The idea of this platform isn’t very new and offers same kind of services those other such platforms offers. The element of innovation or evolution is missing big times. The whitepaper cannot be opened because the website is not working. The pre-ICO price is fair enough and the price of the coin seems a little expensive. The amount of coins that they are going to offer is very less. The team looks young and not very competent, needs a lot of improvement otherwise it will fail badly.

Rated on 2018-09-24

ICO Milestones

December 2018

Tie ups with debit card provider and with other payment gateway sources.

November 2018

Making our own blockchain with fastest transaction speed. Coin swap. Meets gathering. With target to be listed on top ranked currency

October 2018

Listing our coin in coin market cap with initial price of 10$ Introducing mobile wallet Listing on top exchanges

September 2018

Launching event with all the promoters Launching our own exchange at our site Burning all the unsold coins. Listing on exchanges, like ku coin, cryptopia, yobit, hitbtc. Initiating payments on well sounded with multiple e-commerce websites. Acquire our target of 100 experts and experienced traders to trade.

July 2018

ICO Launch, 2018 Launching of coin. Airdrops, spade desktop wallet launching, coin now identifies as a fixed real assets.

June 2018

Pre-ICO private sale for community, friends, family, final touchups in websites.

March 2018

Introduce strategy for prevention of dumping and price crashing, making trading smarter with high rate of profit

February 2018

Hiring the Expert and Experience Traders and Partnership Website Development, Tie-Ups with E-Commerce Websites

January 2018

Conference of founders, advisors, developers and experts. Shared vision and missions