Anti-Counterfeit & Copyright Infringement


Start: 2018-03-21 | End: 2018-04-21

StopTheFakes is an anti-counterfeit & anti-copyright infringement protection platform. It’s the world’s first decentralized service that detects counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights. Its easy and user-friendly blockchain service will allow companies to detect, localize and document violations of their intellectual properties and rights quickly and efficiently. It will also reward law-abiding consumers for helping in combatting piracy.


Mikhail Gorshkov

Alexander Nekipelov

Yevgenii Okhotskii

Vladimir Sokolov

Igor Slabykh

Andrey Zolin

Ismael Arribas

Elia Planas Gabriel

Reuben Godfrey

Mikhail Krzhanovsky

Chief Executive Officer

Igor Salikov

Chief Operation officer

Alexander Suvorov

Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO)

Dmitry Kostachev

Chief Technology Officer

Aleksey Zhunin

Lead backend and blockchain developer

Olga Belyakova

Chief Marketing Officer

Maria Dvoryanchikova

Chief Communications Officer

Maksim Kononenko

Social Media Community Manager


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ICO Milestones

August 2019

Expanding audience. 400,000 infringements of intellectual property rights detected

June 2019

Implementation of Big Data. Expansion of services for Applicants

September 2018

40,000 breaches detected. The number of users has reached 850,000

August 2018

Engagement of major producers. Signing of agreements

July 2018

Launch of the extension for Mozilla Firefox

June 2018

Launch of the app for IOS. The app is available for download

June 2018

Launch of the service and the first 5,000 breaches

May 2018

Security audit; scan for vulnerabilities

May 2018

Launch of extensions for Google Chrome and Opera

April 2018

Launch of the app for Android. The app is available for download

March 2018

Main development stage

March 2018

Admission of the token to the stock exchange listing. Launch of the bid

February 2018

Release of the Alpha v.0.1 service. Testing. Adjustments

January 2017

Main stage of token sales

11 January 2017

Presentation of the mobile app prototype

December 2017

Presentation of the service prototype

November 2017

Growth of the community, engagement of experts, spread of the idea

November 2017

First stage of token sales to be offered on favorable terms

September 2017

Launch of the website for token distribution

July 2017

Development of the ERC-20-based token sales official website

May 2017

Negotiations with potential Applicants on using the service

April 2017

Formation of the token sales and blockchain development team

December 2016

Analysis of the issues relating to the protection of intellectual property rights

September 2016

Service concept formation

June 2016

The Idea of the StopTheFakes Project