Instant Meeting Powered by Blockchain


Start: 2018-11-01 | End: 2018-11-30

SVPER is the innovative concept that replaces user profiles, pictures and text messages with instant video invitations. The SVPER app is set to fight offline loneliness and social isolation by encouraging to turn new online connections into real-life relationships. The users can get to know what people near them are doing or are planning to do. They can also choose the event they would like to join, and meet them in person straight away. SVPER is a social app that you can make real friends with, and where you can get real rewards, SVPER uses Ethereum blockchain platform and issues ERC-20 Token (SVP). The more users socialize, the more SVP tokens they get. With SVPER, meeting new people is instant, secure, friendly and real. The app focuses on the use of video (and audio, of course) between users to replace the way we would get to know someone in real life. SVP Token serves two key purposes to incentivise users through a tokenized economy and to build a scalable business economy model with various income streams and currencies. The app users are rewarded for certain actions performed in the app and for meeting new people in real life with SVP tokens. Later, they may choose to spend tokens in the mobile application or exchange them on the crypto exchange platforms. The SVPER Token allows users to pay for premium features and SVPER app services. SVPs will be listed on crypto exchange platforms after the end of the Token Sale.


Rakov Aleksey

Director of research

Ian Scarffe


Dean Karakitsos


Brian Heinen


Shehab Ahmed

Blockchain Advisor. Founder of Genesis Technologies

Sean Brizendine

Advisor, Blockchain Expert

Victor Chow


Kyle Headley

ICO Advisor, Customer Service Strategy Expert

Didier Martin


Jean-Baptiste Fort


René Carrillo

CO-FOUNDER & Investment Director

Andre Vanyi Robin


Alex Goude

Creative Director

Xavier Fisselier

Head of Digital Marketing

Christophe Verdier


Patrick Chatanay

Head of software Development

Manuel Rotszyld


Maria Gladkaya

Product Manager

Valeria Petruccelli

Acquisition Manager

Silje Hansen

Media & Community Manager

Laura Jouve

PR Manager

Tatiana Rafalovich

Marketing Manager

Olga Balbutskaya

Project Manager

Katya Nosevich

Digital Marketing Manager

Inna Ponamarchuk

Growth Hacking Specialist

Maria Zhelezniakova

Project Manager

Alyona Yaroshevich

Community Manager Associate (RU)

Benoit Gozzo

Full Stack Engineer

Stephan Martin

Product Engineer

Laurent Coupet

Software Engineer

Stéphane JOLAS


Emmanuelle Ricciotti

Data Analytics Consultant


Amelia Benjamin

SVPER seems like an interesting idea by taking the social media concept to a different level. Many other platforms are also working in this field. However, this platform presents the feature of making new friends through a short videos. The concept initiates engagement between users, due to its originality. In today’s world people love to socialize more, however the online community has made everyone isolated in real life. SVPER has come up with a very good idea to solve this issue, in addition, connecting it to the blockchain and token technology is even better. The concept indicates that more people socialize, the more they are rewarded with the SVPER tokens is a unique selling point for them. It is using short videos as a medium of communication between different people, which makes it different, because people respond better to videos than images and texts. They have also added the security feature and tried to make it more secure so that people can easily trust this platform. The mission statement of SVPER is very appealing to different people, it is a very important social issue they are trying to accomplish. All in all, the website is really good and very informative. Also, all the processes of registration and usage is easily explained. The team of SVPER consist many experienced multi-talented members and are very competitive.

Rated on 2018-09-11

ICO Milestones

Q4 2019

Accelerating Growth & Monetization.

Q3 2019

Partnership Network.

Q2 2019

Ad Monetization.

Q1 2019

Country Expansion.

Q4 2018

The SVPER App Launch.

Q3 2018

Prototype & SVP Token Sale.

Q2 2018

SVP Token Private Sale.

Q1 2018


Q4 2017