T2T Investment Ecosystem for Connecting Talents


Start: 2018-12-12 | End: 2019-03-18

Talentico is a Talent to Talent decentralized ecosystem which connects different talents on one platform. In the light of the fact that FinTech has created incredibly large-scale capabilities, TALENTICO launches T2T (Talent to Talent) Global Platform. As a part of TALENTICO ecosystem, any business can support the project and accept TALENT token as the means of payment. One of the most powerful indicators in TALENTICO project is our MVP. GEM FEST – (One of the most popular electronic music festivals in the world) - with its quarter of million followers is ready to accept TAL (Talentico Token) as the only one type of payment. GEM FEST is expected to have more than 120 000 visitors and 40M USD turnover in TALENT tokens during 4 events which are going to be arranged for several days each quarter of 2019. It uses the blockchain technology of Ethereum and issues and ERC-20 token (TAL). By reaping profit from one’s investment, a talented investor not only multiplies self-fortune but also truly savours the creation, the significance of personal deeds, own mission in the society, and the realization of the ability to change the world for the better. TALENTICO is a place where talented investors make profit hand in hand with talents.


Aleksandr Kharlamov


Kateryna Smachylo

Marketing Director

Tetiana Kandziuba

PR Director

George Sigua

Sales Director

Vladimir Makarenko


George Kikvadze


Efim Kerbut

Art Director

Tornike Chkhvimiani


Vitaliy Romanov

Head of Financial Department

Yassin Al Suroor

Arab Economic and Business Group President

Alexandr Karelin

Three-time Olympic champion

Mark Ginzburg

Entrepreneur, blockchain ideologist

Amer Pacha

Monaco, investment banker

David Kiziria

Founder of Innovative System Management

Keti Topuria

Pop star

Lee Grant

MC, SENSATION WHITE festival face

Roman Vlasov

Two-time Olympic champion

Erekle Astakhishvili


Satoshi Abara

Japan, Nature Plus CEO

Alex Sudadze


Gega Gegeshidze

President (Federation of wrestling of Georgia)

Enrike Gogokhia

champion in kickboxing

Gia Sigua

advisor to Credit Banking Association

Vladimir Zakharov

Founder (Russian Network)

Vladimer Khinchegashvili

Olympic champion

Varlam Liparteliani

Vice-champion of the Olympic games

Sergei Tkachenko

Opera performer

Aleksandr Zhukov

General producer and editor of Megapolis

Levan Kezevadze

Olympic champion

Levan Kezevadze

Coach of the Russian Olympic team

Lasha Talakhadze

Olympic champion

Khonza Zampa

pop artist, band Eddie Stoilow

Mamuka Lomidze

famous in Europe baritone

Merab Dvalishvili

USA, UFC fighter

Yury Kikvadze

CEO of everylution

Radik Isaev

Olympic champion

Levan Makashvili

fighter of the organization Fight Nights Global

Alexander Kvitashvili

Former minister of healthcare

Islam-Beka Albiev

Olympic champion

David Kadilov

coach of the Olympic champion

Igor Smailov

famous DJ and producer

Oleg Lasakov

Deputy editor-in-chief of DOJD TV

Nodar Kolmakhidze

Chief Investment Officer


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ICO Milestones

Q4 – 2019

New blockchain creation

Q3 – 2019

Development and launch of online platform

Q2 – 2019

Entering Exchange First GLORYSPACE opening Token implementation into partner businesses

Q4 – 2018

18 December - ICO launch 18 March (2019) – ICO finish (either till the last token on sale, if it happens before the set date)