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Start: 2019-01-10 | End: 2019-02-10

TANZŌ is a first-of-its-kind social marketplace for handmade goods, where crafters are protected and craftsmanship is guaranteed. TANZŌ’s distributed ledger technology ensures transparency within the platform and removes any unfair competition, such as wholesale vendors and listings of mass-produced replica items. Most well-known e-commerce platforms do not make it easy for true crafters to sell their unique items at fair prices. Crafters are forced to compete directly with wholesale vendors and traders who sell counterfeit or mass-produced replicas on the very same platform and at much lower prices. Often, it even becomes difficult to spot an authentic handmade item among the volumes of low-quality items that come up in the search results. TANZŌ’s Ethereum Blockchain-powered identity verification process ensures that only true crafters will be able to sell their handmade items on the platform. It is also a guarantee to the potential buyers that all goods are truly handmade by the actual crafter who sells them. TANZŌ uses geo-location and timestamp functionality, in combination with blockchain technology based on Ethereum, to verify the identity and authenticity of each new crafter, as well as each new item. It has its own ERC-20 token (TZO).


Saad El Boury


Dejan Jovanovic


Dimitar Zlatkov


Georgi Manchorov

Co-Founder & CEO

Vassil Guenov

Co-Founder & CTO

Svetoslav Georgiev

Business Development

George Koynov

Content Manager

Nikolay Fenixov

Graphic & Web Designer

Rossitsa Kostova

Platform Lead

Dimitar Jelev

Blockchain Developer

Emil Monchev

QA Lead & Smart Contract Validator

Milen Georgiev

Front-End Developer

Stanislav Georgiev

IT Project Manager LinkedIn


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ICO Milestones

Q2 2019:

TANZO alpha version release TANZO v1 platform launch

Q4 2018:

POC release

Q2 2018:

Private token sale Pre-sale event Main sale event Token distribution

Q1: 2018

ICO campaign preparation Whitepaper Website Marketing materials

Q4 2017:

Definition & analysis of the market opportunity

Q3 2017:

Ideation and market research