Build a Better Internet


Start: 2018-03-10 | End: 2018-04-05

Thrive aims to change the way digital marketing works by building a community based meritocratic reputation management mechanism. It will be based on concurrent professional reviews, premium advertisement placements as well as good website rankings. Thrive will build a better internet with their smart contracts based on block-chains, removing the third party from dealings between any publisher or advertisers. This will lower down the advertisement and marketing costs drastically.


Urs Wälchli

Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance, Founder of TEJU finance

Andre Siegert

MBA, Talented Finance Professional with an ability to lead corporate strategy.

Charles Attard

Owner, Juanafil Consultants

Atsushi Hisatsumi

Founder and CEO of Extravaganza International

Joseph F. Borg

Chief Regulatory Officer della Lotteries and Gaming Authority - Malta

James Catania

CEO at Intelliblok

Tarek Siddiki

Head of Research at Beetles

Cataldo Franzone


Guiseppe Calabro


Viviana Carcione


Gaetano Nuciforo

BlockChain Expert - Smart Contract

Alessandro Santoro

Computer Science Engineer

Giuseppe Scordino

Chief Strategy Officer

Gianfranco Ciaurella

Community Manager

Rosamaria Chillemi

Social Media Manager


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ICO Milestones

Q4 2018

DMP Integration & AD Market Place Launch

Q3 2018

Beta Testing Thrive Ecosystem 1.0 Mass Launch & Ramp Up

Q2 2018

Thrive BC release Alpha Stage Alpha Testing Ad platform development

Q1 2018

Private Token Round Public Token Round

Q4 2017

Thrive Smart Contract on Ethereum test net Thrive Smart contract on Ethereum main net Private Round Preparation

Q3 2017

Ethereum Smart Contract Prototype

Q2 2017

Website development White Paper preparation

Q1 2017

Company Registration Team Assembled Project Start