Bringing Football Teams, Fans and Players closer


Start: 2018-06-01 | End: 2018-06-30

This platform is developed for the management of soccer teams and fans all over the world. The aim is to offer team managers and fans the facility to vote, interact or raise capital through a platform that will support the community and will increase collaboration. This collaboration between the team management, fans and the players will aid the team management to attain better choices using crowd knowledge.


Niv Tal

Co-founder & CEO

Sivan Sadan


Daniel Spyralatos

Senior Vice President

Jeremie Rykner

Blockchain entrepreneur since 2012. Jeremie moved in 1998 to Israel from Belgium and then worked several years as Football Players' Agent licensed by FIFA with many international Football Teams including Premier League Clubs representing Players and Clubs

Viktor Hernandez

Business Development, Social Media Expert, Marketing at Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana

Amit Elbaz

blockchain developer expert , co-founder of adva software, B.A science computer and mathematics from Technion Israel

Ori Ben-Ezra

Assistant Marketing Manager


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ICO Milestones


Start marketing a working Dapp to teams worldwide

1.1.19 - 30.6.19

Implement the dapp on the first team

01.8.18 - 30.6.18

Developing Dapp (releasing alpha and beta versions)

01.6.18 - 30.6.18


30.4.18 - 30.7.18

Negotiating a deal with a first division team and picking the right team to develop the dapp

31.3.18 - 30.4.18

Pre-Sale Launch

1.09.17 - 31.12.17

White paper % Website

June - August 2017

Concept & Research