A new era of Instant Messaging/Social app


Start: 2018-04-13 | End: 2018-05-20

"The new phase of Social app/Instant Messaging powered by blockchain is built by Vibeo. It is the most radical and broad instant messaging app that is powered by Ethereum blockchain and can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. Users can carry out many operations through this app like using ETH to make payments from within the application, carry out exchanges within the community of Vibeo users, send and receive tokens from MEW or any ERC-20 wallets to the e-wallet. Using the chat app, users can interact with the registered merchants around the world and exchange ETH for goods and services. While communicating with the loved ones, the app gives much more facilities than the conventional applications like sharing your location with the loved ones or a group while traveling, transfer of money from one user to the other and creating a strong community that circles around a distributed economy using ETH.


Ian Scarffe

Amarpreet Singh

Jared Polites

Simon Choi

Kalin Tsekov

Eric-Sébastien Déchaux

Founder and CEO

Miroslava Ivanova


Petar Markov


Nick Todorov


Cristian Veselinov

Blockchain Developer

Mikhail Sidorov

Sys Admin

George Spasov

Blockchain Developer

Ben Smiley-Andrews

IOS and Android Developer

Ivo Dimichev

Social Media

Aleksandra Marinkova

Social Media

Marina Grudeva

Social Media


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ICO Milestones

September 2018

vibeo iOS and Android v2.1 - e-wallet added

May 2018

Listed on 2 exchanges. vibeo iOS and Android v1.3

April 2018

Vibeo ICO

April 2018

Vibeo ICO

March 2018

Pre-sale starts

February 2018

MVP: vibeo iOS and Android v1.2

January 2018

MVP: vibeo iOS and Android v1.1