Virtual Reality Platform Token


Start: 2019-02-05 | End: 2019-03-20

VTUUR is a pioneer of the VR revolution. Its dedicated team at VTUUR has created a mobile platform that will redefine VR travelling and exploring. VTUUR want to give the opportunity to anyone to see the beauty of the world as realistically and conveniently as possible. By connecting tourists, guides and advertisers all together on one application, the opportunities are endless and the world starts to fit into the palm of one's hand. It works on the blockchain technology based on Ethereum blockchain technology. VTUUR has already aligned partnerships with premium content creators and it will sponsor VR hardware to universities and schools to build a solid user base and enhance the educational experience around the world. It issues its own ERC-20 powered token (VTUUR). VTUUR's goal is to become the ultimate LIVE VR video streaming platform connecting schools, universities, realtors and other VR headset owners with Guides around the globe and strives to be the first to use AI technology for the selection and integration of non-intrusive advertising content.


Giacomo Arcaro


Bogdan Fiedur


Rene Lauk

Legal Advisor

Wouter Van Domselaar


Marko Tasic

CTO Co-Founder

Sèmy Khadraoui

COO Co-Founder

Aleksandar Radosavljevic

Senior Frontend Engineer DevOps

Milan Zdravkovic

Senior Fullstack Engineer

Petar Begovic

Senior Frontend Engineer

Danijel Spasic

Senior Mobile Engineer iOS, Android

Sasa Kostic

Senior Backend Engineer

Nenad Dojcinovic

Senior Frontend Engineer

Dalibor Stankovic

Senior Fullstack Engineer

Nikola Knezevic

Senior Mobile Engineer

Milos Milosevic

Senior Frontend Engineer

Filip Stankovic

Senior Backend Engineer

Aleksandar Randjelovic

Senior Backend Engineer

Milica Tasic

HR, Sales Administration

Milica Dimic

HR, PR Sales

Nikola Stojiljkovic

Legal, Sales Accounting

Natalia Goncharenko

Marketing Consultant

Vitalis Markevich

Community Manager

Panos Kostouros

Digital Producer


Dylan Pieter

It is a very exciting and interesting idea, in the modern day world these kinds of ideas grab maximum audience’s attention and that is why it always performs. It is a very innovative idea and very much competitive to bring revolution in the industry. The team looks very good and quite a decent team because they are both experienced and specialized in this industry. The big question is whether the execution of this idea in a proper manner is possible or not and up to what extent it can be effectively executed. The hard cap and soft cap numbers are okay also the pricing is done fairly.

Rated on 2018-11-16

ICO Milestones

Q4 2019

- Testing VTUUR's Artificial Intelligence - Final testing for VR/AR/AI - Public release VTUUR Beta version - Roadshow

Q3 2019

- Developing VTUUR's Artificial Intelligence - Continuous development and testing of Beta version - Sponsoring hardware to universities and schools - Promotions Through Various Conventions and Events

Q2 2019

- Field Testing VTUUR's Enhanced Video Rendering - Field Testing Augmented Reality support - Release information to businesses for integration of ads

Q1 2019

- Launching of closed VTUUR Alpha version - Developing VTUUR's Enhanced Video Rendering - Developing Augmented Reality support - Partnering with professional guides, performers etc.

Q4 2018

- Stress testing & finalizing VTUUR Alpha version - Start negotiations with content creators - Adding more 360° camera protocol support - Research to determine first user impressions

Q3 2018

- Continued testing of VTUUR Alpha version - Start ICO - Live 360° Q&A stream through VTUUR platform - Marketing - End ICO

Q2 2018

- Shooting promotional video - ICO PR & Marketing campaign - Smart Contract Audit - Smart Contract Implementation

Q1 2018

- Expand VTUUR developer team - Setup legal framework for an ICO - ICO Website, Whitepaper & Marketing plan - Developing Smart Contract - Developing VTUUR Token

Q4 2017

- Developing more 360° camera support protocols - Field-testing Mobile Live 360° stream - Testing prototype platform - Finalizing stable app prototype - 150k additional investment

Q3 2017

- Project start - Wireframing - Design UI/UX - Developing a 360° camera support protocol - Testing IOS and Android compatibility

Q2 2017

- VTUUR’s concept born - Market research & technical studies - 100k initial investment - Proof of concept