The Non-Profit Sportsbook on the Blockchain


Start: 2018-03-27 | End: 2018-04-27

WinFlow is a one of a kind non-profit sportsbook based on the blockchain technology. Its non-profit model has been set to launch the ICO crowdsale on March 27th this year. The whole process will take place under the supervision and support of the industry veterans. WinFlow has undergone a year of research & development and is well underway in developing a secure, transparent and innovative betting platform for the industry as a whole. The expectations are that it will quickly disrupt the traditional giants and incumbents in a market that is worth billions of dollars. Winflow will turn the tables by not retaining the house rake and automatically redistributing probable or would-be profits to the players in a secure and transparent Ethereum based smart contracts system. This is what the company calls a Win Back rewards program. "


Srikar Varadaraj

Connor Lin

Dan Conway

Matt Ricci

CEO & Founder

Mario Dodev

COO, Co-Founder

Scott Kaminsky

Head of Sportsbook

Ivan Velev


Joey Levy

Business Development Officer

Matt Darmi

Lead Data Scientist


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ICO Milestones

Quarter 4, 2019

Virtual Sports betting product launch

Quarter 3, 2019

FlashBets NFL product launch

Quarter 2, 2019

Begin development of virtual sports betting product

Quarter 1, 2019

Fantasy Sports player props product launch FlashBets NBA product launch Development of NFL play-by-play odds

Quarter 4, 2018

Goal Rush product launch WinCast product launch FlashBets Tennis product launch Development and Deployment of Multiplayer contracts and services Implementation of live data for NBA FlashBets prototype

Quarter 3, 2018

Sportsbook Full product launch FlashBets Soccer product launch Development and Deployment of Live play contracts and services Development of NBA live betting play by-play odds Begin Development of Fantasy sports player props product

Quarter 2, 2018

Development and Deployment of Platform Smart Contracts Development and Deployment of State Channel Service Implementation of Service on SGX Enclave Sportsbook Beta product launch User Accounts Module with identity verification token Research and Data collection for development of NBA play-by-play odds creation algorithms Risk Management Automation Module Website and Platform Translation to 12 languages

Quarter 1, 2018

Sportsbook, Goal Rush, and WinCast front-end property development Real-time Match Data Providers Integration Pre-match and Live Betting Modules

Quarter 4, 2017

Development of FlashBets prototype application Development of Token and Crowdsale Contracts Deployment of Public Website

Quarter 3, 2017

Development of soccer live betting play-by-play odds Research and Engineering of Blockchain Solutions

Quarter 2, 2017

Begin data collection and research for development for soccer play-by-play odds creation algorthms

Quarter 1, 2017

Research and Market analysis