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Start: 2019-01-30 | End: 2019-02-14

WOM stands for 'word of mouth': the most powerful and effective form of marketing. The WOM Token connects brands with fans and rewards word-of-mouth recommendations. WOM is an ERC-20 token designed to allow brands and advertisers to make use of peer-to-peer recommendations. WOM token will enable brands and advertisers to directly access digital word-of-mouth conversations and reward creators for their product recommendations. The platform will be working on the blockchain platform based on Ethereum. Without mechanisms to measure these micro-interactions, word-of-mouth recommendations have largely remained untracked and unrewarded, until now. This platform is introducing the WOM Token to record, track and reward word-of-mouth recommendations on the blockchain, creating a simpler, smarter and more transparent form of marketing for everyone. To kick-start the process, WOM is partnering with YEAY, a fun, easy, and smart mobile video commerce platform. Launched in 2017, the YEAY app has a global network of creative, active and predominantly GenZ and millennial users. This makes YEAY the ideal platform to discover the power and flexibility of the WOM Token. In order to fund the development of the WOM Protocol and its Ecosystem, WOM Token Ltd. will hold a Dutch auction.


Björn Wagner

Co-founder, Parity Technologies

Hartej Sawhney

Co-founder & President, Hosho

Samson Lee

Founder & CEO, Coinstreet

Christopher Emms

CEO, TokenKey

Richard Wang

Partner, Draper Dragon Fund

Adrian Wons

Head of ICO Competence Center

Sasha Borovik

CEO, Triple Door

Jan Denecke

CEO, Wenn Digital & KodakOne

Michael Spencer

Blockchain Marketing Consultant

Ayelet Noff

Founder/CEO, Blonde 2.0

Timothy Armoo

CEO, Fanbytes

Derrick Gomez

Board Member, Optix Group

Kwasi Asare

CEO, Fighter Interactive Inc.

Alemsah Ozturk


Melanie Mohr


Ben Hochberg


Clemens Riedel


Oliver Grigoleit


Lukasz Belza

Executive Counsel

Stefan Schulz

Executive Marketing Advisor

Daniel Wingen

Blockchain Economics Designer

Magomet Tsanajev

Community Manager

Stefanie Von Jan

Token Engineer

Vivienne Rudcenko

Communications Manager

Jeremy Lindström

Business Development Strategist


David Malan

This is a very good platform for the marketing industry, it will put a huge impact and will make a visible difference in the market. The business model of this platform is very nice and really interesting. The features of this platform are reasonable enough. The use of it is easy and there are 4 simple steps to use it. There are some really good stats on the website about this platform. The team is good, it is a young team but they are capable of achieving success in this industry.

Rated on 2018-11-29

ICO Milestones

Q1 2020

Trustless Oracle Phase

Q2 2019

Basic Smart Contract Phase

Q1 2019

Simple Reward Token Phase

Q4 2018

Token Generation Event