World Bit Bank

The World’s First Legal Cryptocurrency Bank


Start: 2018-09-01 | End: 2018-10-31

World Bit Bank is an Ehtereum based blokchcain technology paltform which is the world first cryptocurrency bank.Technical development in the project of World Bit Bank has been conducting by Vitsolutions, LLC. Research efforts are also indulged in the finding contemporary financial technologies and block-chain technology since 2016. The group that manages the World Bit Bank is known as the World Bit Group. It has a Virtual Currency against flat currency exchange license and the virtual currency wallet service license, with registration in the EU. The real and digital assets of investors have the highest level of security because of being in the European Jurisdiction. Cryptocurrency will enable the access to millions of banking services through conventional banking that will be globally available. These services include the use of cryptocurrency in VISA/Master Card debit cards, cryptocurrency loans, efficient transfer and exchange of cryptocurrencies and other financial transaction made each day. World Bit Bank obtained its license to work with cryptocurrency – virtual exchange, virtual valet service in February 2018 with Estonian anti-money laundering and financial terrorism laws in full compliance. The task includes the advancement of innovations and the foundation of a global digital money bank under the World Bit Bank (WBB) mark, whose work depends on two key advances: portable, as a methods for directing ongoing financial exchanges, and blockchain innovation - the utilization of cryptographic money (Wibcoin token) as the unit of record in the World Bit Bank biological system. The WBB Wallet portable application - an instrument which combines tokens and a check card. World Bit Bank (WBB) empowers bank clients to pay in any cryptographic money worldwide as long as they have any computerized cash on their WBB Wallet. The World Bit Bank (WBB) venture offers another arrangement created from blockchain innovation and identified with 5G back, particularly: ● Supreme transboundary. ● Cross-stage nature. ● Simple utilization. ● Instantaneousness of exchanges. ● Reserves constantly under control of the customer. The customer's assets can't be taken care of without the customer's endorsement. ● Low or zero exchange charges. ● High security on account of cryptography. ● API with open source code. ● Full straightforwardness of source and development of assets between accounts.


Danny Kass

Blockchain Expert

Roman Oliynykov


Sebastian Forbes


Victor Chow


Sriram Venkataraman


Igor Romanenko

Founder, CEO

Vlad Romanenko

Co-founder "Vitsolutions", LLC

Vasily Solovyev

Banking Specialist

Tatyana Soldatova

Project manager

Nikolai Miroshnik

Banking Specialist&VP

Maksim Boyko

CEO "Vitsolutions", LLC

Natalia Yablonskaya

Lawyer Corp

Alina Sysa

Lawyer, banking specialist

Sergey Sokolov

Co Founder – BrandU Production

Sergey Kulik

Senior Web Developer

Matt Mark

Cyber Security

Illia Bandura

Crypto trader

Semen Lazarko

SMM specialist

Kseniia Deina

SMM - manager

Eugen Kushnerov

Android Developer


Hakaru Daiji

The idea is good for having a bank for different cryptocurrencies. This can be a successful crypto-platform. The mission of this platform is good and they wanted to expand into different main regions of the world which is a good thing. The features of this platform also look interesting and real. The website is just okay and can be improved, the project plan is discussed in detail on the website. The geography of the operations of this platform is a plus point, offering its services in so many regions is a plus. This platform is also launching its own debit card so that is interesting. The bonus packages seem fine and might attract some users. Much big team and consists of very experienced members also the advisory board looks good and very competent.

Rated on 2018-09-24

ICO Milestones


Purchase of 9 banks in various financial jurisdictions around the world under the brand of the Banking Group World Bit Bank. Rebranding the banks to World Bit Bank.

4Q 2018

ICO and sale of Wibcoin (WBB) tokens for purchasing 9 banks in various financial jurisdictions around the world under the brand of the Banking Group World Bit Bank. Rebranding the banks to World Bit Bank.

3Q 2018

Purchase of an existing bank in Europe. Development and commissioning of World Bit Bank software products. Preparation for ICO of the Banking Group World Bit Bank.

27.04.2018 – 27.06.2018

Conducting PRE – ICO and raising 25 million euros for the purchase of an existing bank in Europe. Preparation of documents for the purchase of an existing bank in Europe.

27.12.2017 - 26.04. 2018

Meeting with investors and presentation of the project to venture capital funds. Project concept formulation.


Contract of intent to purchase a bank in Europe signed.


IT company Vitsolutions, LLC, for the development of mobile applications and financial technologies, established. Team of banking experts and software developers assembled. Work on the World Bit Bank project commences.