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Start: 2019-01-01 | End: 2019-02-01

WebSpaceX is an artificial intelligence based data processing and analysis technology. WebSpaceX is high technology for data processing and analysis based on artificial intelligence. The WebSpaceX team analyses user’s data in all browsers and builds a system based on AI technology. WebSpaceX is high technology for data processing and analysis based on artificial intelligence. It is a smarter platform for better results. Delivers faster with smarter marketing. Artificial intelligence automatically surfaces your most valuable marketing insights so you can act quickly to achieve your goals. WebSpaceX analyzes the data from popular browsers around the world such as Google, Yandex, Firefox, Opera, Yahoo, Safari and Baidu, artificial intelligence technology solves the various challenges faced with. It is a Blockchain Technology platform based on Ethereum and it has its own ERC-20 token (WSPX). Through WebSpaceX users can gain more control over their investments and can easily see what parts of their marketing are working and making informed decisions to improve performance ensuring that quality experiences. Also, users can share insights across their team.


Xu Jinkai

Board Advisor

Rafay Lodhi


Anser Haliev

Blockchain App Developer

Liu Yixiao

Community Management


Dylan Pieter

It is a unique kind of platform and from a technology point of view, it is a very good platform. The concept of this platform is very good and very effective and also it is simple and easy to understand. The features that are designed by it are very nice and interesting and it is offering a complete solution package. There is a very huge market for this kind of service providing platforms. This platform will be providing solutions to some of the very serious problems of the industry. The team is very small and it is an inexperienced team.

Rated on 2018-12-14

ICO Milestones

Q3 2020

Distribution of profit share across the platform to users involved in the WebSpaceX Ecosystem.

Q2 2020

Doge Coin , Ethereum, Lite Coin wallet Integration. Developing add-on integration with WordPress, OpenCart, Magento.

Q1 2020

Marketing of Asian, European market use rights.

Q4 2019

Integration with Webmaster plaforms.

September 2019

WSPX Token Wallet Integration.

August 2019

WEB Platform Integration. WebSpaceX Payment System Integration.

July 2019

IOS Full Release Launch. Freelancer Beta Release Launch.

June 2019

OS Beta Release Launch.

May 2019

Andorid Full Release Launch.

Q2 2019

Official launch of the platform. Andorid Beta Release Launch.

Q1 2019

Conducting ICO. Listing in market exchanges.

Q4 2018

Development of Investor’s Cabinet for conducting of ICO.

Q3 2018

Starting work to integrate freelance platform into WebSpaceX platforms. Development of multifunctional smart contracts.

Q2 2018

Development of AI Architecture.Starting Android, iOS, Web platform testing.

Q1 2018

Development of WebSpaceX smart contract prototypes for storing analytical information.

Q4 2017

Inclusion of API data support for to follow analystic tools.

Q3 2017

Integration of analytical tools to connect to websites and improve these processes.

Q1 2017

Starting to work on analytical tools to work on a single platform.

Q1-Q3 2016

Finance, development, marketing and data analysis.

March 2015

Webmaster Tools, Seo service, the establishment of WebSpaceX technology to provide Marketing platform service