Digital Advertising on Blockchain


Start: 2018-11-30 | End: 2018-12-31

XCHNG is a game-changing blockchain project to equip the digital advertising ecosystem with an open and unified protocol-based marketplace and ledger framework for buying and selling media. It works on the blockchain technology that is based on Ethereum and issues the ERC-20 tokens (XCHNG). The current system of digital advertising for connected devices is dysfunctional. It is complicated and inefficient. 50% of ad spend is wasted on middleware and mediation, stolen by fraudsters, or otherwise lost. It is unsecured and lacks standardization and transparency. XCHNG will provide stability, security, efficiency and transparency in the digital advertising industry. Today, marketers are stuck with a complex, centralized technology path to customers. The decentralized model of XCHNG simplifies through peer-to-peer buying and sethe lling. Leveraging a Blockchain standard for digital advertising removes the intermediaries and allows buyers and sellers to transact directly.


Charles Manning

CEO & Founder

Breaux Walker

SVP Blockchain XCHNG

Ethan Lewis

Blockchain Architect XCHNG

Kimberly Manning

Brand Director XCHNG

Dave Matt

General Manager XCHNG

Matt Hrushka

Product Marketing XCHNG

Mark Beck

VP Strategy at Murka

Paul Cheng

GM at Ericsson Emodo

Terrence Coles

GM at AddApptr GmbH, Previously GM at Smaato

Mark Connon

Former Senior Vice President

Jeff Coon

Former VP of Global Alliances

Ernie Cormier

Formerly CEO of Nexage

Paran Johar

Global CEO at Modern Marketing Summit

John Maffei

CEO at Matcherino

William Mougayar

Advisor, Investor

Stephane Panyasiri

GM of EMEA for Kochava Inc

Krish Sailam

VP of Programmatic Strategy

Andy Sippel

SVP of Advertiser Perceptions

David Wachsman

Founder and CEO

Bob Walczak

Xaxis, EVP of Global Product

David Weild

Chairman & CEO, Weild & Co., Inc.

Kevin Weatherman

CRO at OneSignal

Jonathan Lee

Chief Corporate Officer

Robert LePlae

SVP of Advertiser Perceptions


Alex Adrian

It is an average idea, nothing very special about it and also not very huge demand for it as well, also there are some other platforms which offer somewhat related services. The token sale model should be improved, more proportion should be given to the crowd-sale funding part. The team is very experienced and overall it has a very strong team but still, I think it is a little short team. The advisors list is a huge list and very competent advisors.

Rated on 2018-10-25

ICO Milestones

January, 2019: Platform is sent Live

XCHNG platform will go live and media buys will start.

December, 2018: ERC20 Conversion

Ahead of the launch of the XCHNG platform, we'll need to convert all ERC20 tokens to our native token. This will be a 1:1 exchange.

August, 2018: Development Tools for XCHNG

July, 2018: Testnet

Release for OnXCHNG partner testing and production testing.