Decentralized Ecological Economy Platform


Start: 2018-12-01 | End: 2019-01-31

XELS is a platform aimed at counteracting the effects of global warming. By leverage blockchain technology it will be able to create a powerful offset token that will embed environmentally & socially positive impacts into every transaction. This platform will be working on the blockchain technology based on Ethereum and will be having its own ERC-20 token (XELS). Today, the global electricity consumption reached 22 trillion kWh, which corresponds to 12.2 billion tons of CO2 emissions in order to sustain our modern lifestyle. At present, forests, grasslands, and farmlands on the entire earth are said to absorb 3.1 billion tons of CO2. By reducing 10% of electricity consumption through elesol®, this platform could achieve CO2 emission reduction by more than 1.2 billion tons. By way of reducing 10% of the global electricity consumption, the results would be comparable to an increase in the CO2 absorption on the entire earth by 38.6%. Mankind never lived on a planet with a temperature 2 Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) warmer than it was before burning fossil fuels started, in the late 1800s, and climate experts say we risk the fundamental change of life on this planet if we cross that 2- degree mark.


Takaaki Manaka


Philip York


Dima Zaitsev


Sergey Zarubin


Anton Dzyatkovskiy


Dr. Takaaki Manaka

Professor Tokyo Institute of Technology

Philip York

Chief Executive Officer

Dima Zaitsev

Head of International PR ICOBox

Sergey Zarubin

Global Business ICOBox

Anton Dzyatkovskiy

Chief Executive Officer

Takeshi Nojima


Mohammed AL Mohssen


Keisuke Nanri


Yoshiteru Tajima

GM International Division

Kishor Datta Gupta


Shuko Iidoyo


Mohd Ariful Haque

Senior Software Engineer

Sabbir Hossain Rupom

Software Engineer

Rushaed Tomal

Concept Artist

Seiichi Shigihara


Mitchell Hammer

Community Manager

Emrul Aktar Chowdhury

Software Engineer

Abu Bakker Siddique

Software Engineer

Imtiaz Abedin

Software Engineer


Alex Adrian

This project looks good and the cause that it is going to work on is very serious and requires attention. Some really good modern day technologies are being used by this platform for the solutions of all the problems that they stated in this project. From social point of view, this is very good project. The team is very good, it is one of the most diverse teams in the blockchain industry, and also it is a very balanced team as there is both young and experienced human resource in this team.

Rated on 2018-12-07

ICO Milestones

Q4 2030

All remuneration for XELS miners is to be reward from commission fee. Update XELS Coin. Deadline of carbon emission reduction.

Q3 2019

Begins the platform for emission credit. Advancing into a decentralized system for coin distribution. In order to manage the rights over the coins, a foundation will be established (preparation phase).

Q2 2019

Activates ecological products and donation activities through the communication platform. Begins the exchange XELS Bonus tokens (BELS) to XELS Coins.

Q1 2019

Schedules to list XELS Coin exchange. Invests into R&D for the next generation ecological technologies.

Q4 2018

Launch the exchange platform of XELS Sales tokens (SELS) to XELS Coins. Announces the prize-winner of the Eco tour.

Q3 2018

Begins selling XELS Sales Token (SELS). Starts the mutual communication platform.

Q1 2018

Designs and develops XELS Coin; starts the whitepaper formation.

Q3 2017

Begins the preparation for XELS Coin issuance to accelerate overseas expansion of elesol®