Powerful Combination Among Three Screen Ecologies


Start: 2018-10-03 | End: 2018-12-11

X-power Chain is a public screen ecology platform based on Ethereum blockchain technology. X-power Chain energizes “public screen” from Blockchain Advertising, Blockchain Content and Blockchain DAPP and develops a public platform for global users to explore. X-power Chain establishes a win-win model for developers, content producers, content consumers and X-power Chain. X-power Chain has co-operated with tens of thousands of companies in the world and displayed more than 400,000 offline screen terminals, which have generated more than 70,000 nodes and a daily traffic of over 10 million and provided a lot of traffic for the development of a public scenario. X-power Chain energizes “public screen” from blockchain advertising, Blockchain content and blockchain DAPP and creates a public open platform for global users to explore, tap and exploit its potential value. It issues an ERC-20 token (XPO). X-power Chain is a public chain, of which all the nodes can join X-power Chain ecosystem.


Wang YinQiu

Leader of health preservation industry

Yohei Ishii

Foundation CEO

Maria Gao

Chief Officer of Market Operation


Dylan Pieter

It is a very complex concept and not very easy to grab. Anyhow this platform provides a bunch of different data related services. So the good thing is that it creates a bridge between the developers and the companies. The industry of data needs these kinds of platforms but these platforms should work more on making their content clear and easy to understand. There are a lot of strong partner companies with XPower. The team is really thin and lacks experience, they should add more experienced and strong employees in the technology-related area.

Rated on 2018-10-08

ICO Milestones


Setting up of global content distribution system X-power Chain project has cooperated with more than ten thousands of hotels, KTV, and health clubs throughout the world, deployed more than 400,000 offline screen terminals, created more than 70,000 nodes, had more than daily visitor flow of ten millions, and provided plenty of traffic for the development of public scenario. Several Blockchain projects were launched on the open advertisement platform, and the advertisement was accurately published on dozens of thousands of screens. The publicity covers more than 100,000,000 person-times of medium to high-end groups.


Timeline of smart upgrade of public screen contents Fundamental setup of screen content categories: Popular contents including advertisement, film & television, music, photo & article, and games, etc. The screen categories are continuously increased, the broadcasting and control modes are extended: from interactive touch screen, 3D, VR/AR, voice control to AI, etc.

2018.6~2020.7~ permanent

Timeline of public screen modification in separate scenarios Extensive layout in health and hotel scenarios Launch of KTV and catering scenarios Launch of beauty and hairdressing industry scenarios Launch of shopping mall and supermarket scenarios Launch of outdoor building, hospital, gym and other industry scenarios


Ecological autonomy evolution After completion of the entire ecological infrastructure, the Foundation will improve the incentive measures for long-term autonomy.


Global application distribution DAPP platform Setting up and operation of X-power Chain global application distribution DAPP platform


Setting up of global content distribution system Decentralized payment system based on intelligent contract X-power Chain global individual content distribution system, including assessment and reputation system, etc.


Setting up of advertisement accurate injection system: WIFI probe AI big data image recognition (Time milestone)


The setting up of foundation platform of X-power Chain includes setting up Blockchain underlying technology and construction of ecological community, etc. Online of main chain of X-power Chain Mining of supporting nodes of X-power Chain