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Start: 2018-10-01 | End: 2018-12-31

YellowBetter is a community that will be using blockchain technology that is based on Ethereum and it will be a social portal which will be offering to get closer to the living culture and languages of the country. The idea for the portal was developed as a result of many years of observation of training and education services in the field of foreign language teaching, as well as the demand for such services. Yellow Better does not impose any rules of learning. It inspires and encourages openness in new ways of learning. Yellow Better is a response to trends in an unstable and constantly changing reality. This platform will also issue ERC-20 tokens (YBT). Yellow Better will be offering many benefits as learning of many languages in one place also it will be a platform for making new friends. It will be a source of learning new different cultures all over the world. There will be flexibility in the time and place of learning. Easy to understand rules will be available on the website. The users will be divided into two basic groups: the teachers and the students. Both get different options and functions.


Harold Kinet


Morten Christensen


Miikka Saloseutu


Damian Guzik


Marta Guzik


Paweł Juraszek


Łukasz Burzawa


Krzysztof Maczyński

Blockchain Developer

Wojciech Dziuban

Project Manager

Patryk Spirra

Graphic Designer


Amelia Benjamin

It has a good idea, there are people globally who are interested in learning new languages in a fun way. The concept is good because it ensures the interaction of different people globally which makes it interesting and also people are more attracted towards it learning new languages. The vision is really good and the market it is targeting is also a good one because the cause is real and interesting. Also from a social perspective, it is a good platform but they should consider making it interesting by adding more features to it. The structure of using is good and the idea of dividing it into teachers and students is also very good. It has a young and exciting team which will help them a lot in the future. The team can also help them come up with so many innovative ideas.

Rated on 2018-10-08

ICO Milestones


YellowBetter app


BetterPay app


Website available in 18 languages

25.06.2018 - 31.12.2018

YellowBetter Bounty Program

March 2019

The final version of the portal

01 October 2018

ICO sale starts

01 August 2018

Demonstrative version of the portal

17 June 2018

Pre-ICO sale starts