Decentralized Asset Management


Start: 2018-12-01 | End: 2018-12-22

Zichain is a decentralized asset management platform which provides a suite of modules for cryptocurrency financial services. Its infrastructure solutions are tailored for managing digital assets: from retail trading to institutional wealth management. It uses blockchain platform based on Ethereum and also it issues its own ERC-20 token (ZCN). Zichain modules unleash the potential of fintech and maximize advantages of the blockchain, big data, and AI. Its research and development activity in blockchain is aimed to eliminate a counterparty risk by building infrastructure for decentralized storage of assets. The fintech services are based on the best practices of the traditional financial world and offer the turnkey trading solutions to retail and institutional participants of the cryptocurrency market. Big Data & AI module becomes your digital financial advisor in the crypto world by delivering comprehensive news and market data along with suggesting proper investment decisions. The digital asset management industry is just beginning to emerge. The proportion of assets under management relative to the capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market is negligible (about 1%). If we draw a parallel with the classical financial market, the volume of digital assets under management should grow 30-40 times the current number.


Khachatur Gukasyan

CEO & Co-founder

Serge Geller

COO & Co-Founder

Stepan Tsaturyan


Andrey Gunin

CFO, Co-Founder

Viacheslav Timerbulatov


Sergey Shvey

Product Owner

Alexander Andrianov

Product Owner

David Khudaverdyan

Product Owner

Danil Yakovlev

Trading Infrastructure Manager

Hayk Manukyan


Anahit Ghazaryan

QA Engineer

Karen Balabekyan


Viktorya Karamyan

QA Engineer

Arthur Hakobyan

PhD, Software Architect

Armen Ivanyan

Software Architect

Khoren Shahbazyan


Aspram Shadyan


Tigran Avetisyan

Software developer

Ekaterina Matveeva

Head of marketing

Taras Chumachenko

Partner, Head of Products

Sergey Kovtunenko

Executive Director

Alexander Borodich

Universa Blockchain founder

Bogdan Fiedur

Full-Stack Developer

Ismail Malik



Alex Adrian

The platform itself looks very good. There seems to be a lot of potential in this business idea and it might work very nice in the market. The mission of this platform is very real and very strong if this idea can effectively be executed it will be a breakthrough in this industry. It has a very lengthy and very strong team of management. There are so many experienced and young exciting talent in this team which makes them capable of doing so much. Also, the Advisory Board is an average group of members as well. The pricing is done very nicely and it is very reasonable. The hard cap and soft cap numbers are fair enough.

Rated on 2018-11-29

ICO Milestones

Q1 2020

CRYPTOEYE Localization into 2 additional languages (10 total)

Q4 2019

CRYPTOEYE Development of analytical platform for creating and backtesting trading strategies. 2 more languages added.

Q3 2019

CRYPTOEYE Development of analytical platform for creating and backtesting trading strategies. 2 more languages added.

Q2 2019

CRYPTOEYE Development of advanced news and market data filtering to provide individual newsfeed based on an investor’s portfolio. Full localization into 2 additional languages. BAMP Release of BAMP 2.0. Decentralized asset storage with distributed access. Licensing as a fund administrator in the cryptocurrency market.

Q1 2019

CRYPTOEYE Full localization into 2 more languages. Launch of the investment products marketplace for BAMP.

Q4 2018

THEINDEX.FUND Start of the Index funds securitization and listing on traditional exchanges. Setting up the legal access for investors in different countries (US, Singapore, and others). BAMP Legal framework setup. The umbrella fund structure with subfunds for each asset manager on BAMP. CRYPTOEYE Creation of the multilingual editorial team to publish our own news and other cryptocurrency-related content. Localized website interface and news articles (2 languages).

Q3 2018

CRYPTOEYE Integration of Zichange services and investment products of TheIndex.Fund. Release of the iOS and Android mobile applications. BAMP Release of BAMP 1.0. Release of the trading platform supporting all major exchanges within one terminal. THEINDEX.FUND Launch of full range of index funds. ZICHANGE Extending the number of currency pairs available for exchange. Starting operations with institutional investors and corporate clients.

Q2 2018

CRYPTOEYE Integration of the news aggregator into the CryptoEYE. Release of CryptoEYE 2.0. THEINDEX.FUND Launch of first two tokenized index funds for investors. ZICHANGE Launch of crypto-fiat exchange. BTC/ETH/LTC vs USD/EUR.

Q1 2018

CRYPTOEYE Release of beta version. Release of the news aggregation module. ZICHANGE Company set up in EU. Obtaining of license for crypto-fiat exchange. BAMP MVP release.

Q4 2017

CRYPTOEYE Alpha-version release: 5 cryptocurrency indices, crypto-wiki with 100 coins and tokens description, cryptocurrency investment calculator. BAMP Transformation of the fund concept to full-fledged Blockchain Asset Management Platform (BAMP) for external asset managers.

Q3 2017

BAMP The concept of infrastructure for the cryptocurrency fund. Start of IT development. THEINDEX.FUND Development of cryptocurrency indices and corresponding methodology for index funds launch. CRYPTOEYE The concept of Information provider including news aggregator and features enabling efficient asset management in cryptocurrency industry.